New site

I have a new site and it is sooo much better than this one. I will be posting on that one for now on. It is called so go have a look there will be a lot more posts. and tomorrow I am going away so I wont be able to post about trhe camping trip. I will be back soon. Good bye.


Club Penguin camping trip

On August 22-27 there will be a camping trip in a new place I think is called the wilderness. If you want more info, read this preview from the newspaper.


My biggest post yet: Lots of new stuff

Here are the secret clothing and the new clothing in the catalog.


Here are all the new igloo catalogs: igloo design and igloo items.


Here is the new pin that I took with my club penguin friend, bearsboy.


Rockhopper is back and he brought a awesome free item that I love and some cool member items too.


and that is it for today.  be sure to visit rockhopper because he only come every once in a while.


Club Penguin is teaming up with disney in a partnership. I dont know what is going to happen from this but it seems like it is going to be cool. Since disney is a kid friendly company and so is club penguin, I think lots of cool things will happen to club penguin. Maybe new disney items will come out like that disney hat that this penguin is wearing:


We are just going to have to wait and find out to see what happens.

lots of new stuff

sorry that i didnt post for such a long time. It just got back from my camp and I had my B-day and all so I didn’t have any time to post. So here I go: Here are the new clothing items. I do not have all of them yet but im saving up to get them:


in other news there are new tricks in cart surfer and here they are:

All you have to to do click up 2 times for the first and down 2 times for the 2ed.


right now I do not know where the secret items in the catalog are but I will try to find out.

Now for the clothing catalog:

still looking for more secret items.


The new pin is in the forest:


well that seems like it. see ya!

New Party!

I’m back from camp, and I just checked out the party! There is sooo much that I couldnt put it all on this one post. Bad news is that you cant go in the pool or the mine due to overflowing. There is a new item and it is the a umbrella hat.


You can also throw water ballons instead of snowballs which is what the ballons in the boiler room in thw crate was a hint for.


If you want to see all the details of the party, then log on and check it out. I suggest going to the ice rink. Hope you enjoy the party!

Sleepaway camp

I am going to sleep away camp today for 2 weeks. The good thing about it that over the weekends I will be back and I will post everything that will come out. Later this summer, too, I am going to another sleepaway camp for 3 weeks without going home on the weekends so I will post when I get home after that. I will Post as soon as I get back home.

So until I get back,

Waddle on!™

Club Penguin new catalog and more

Today had a lot of new stuff out. Like the new clothing catalog. There were a lot of new items and I decided on making a short video about it and here it is:

Sorry that in the video, I sound drowsy. I made the video in the morning and I was tired.

In other news, the crack in the glass near the pool got so big that they had to cover it with wood planks, and the underground started to flood.


In the mine, there is a free item that was once in club penguin before. It is the mining helmet and it’s first appearance was when the mine just opened up. They are floating in the water that came from the cracked glass.


And of course is the new pin. It is in the Lounge (2ed floor in the night club). The new pin is just a dribble of water that looks like rain.


Getting stuck in the dojo

Go to the dojo, and get a friend invite from someone. While walking towards the door, open up the friend invite. The map should appear and the friend invite should be there, too. Click yes or no but it will not go away, but the map will. You must log off to get out of this glitch. This glitch will any door that opens a map including your igloo. Here is a example of how it should look like when you click yes or no:


Crack in the glass and more

When the newspaper came out, I read about the crab who put a crack in the glass where the pool is. I perdict that the crack with the water leaking in will make the pool deeper or maybe something like that.


Tomorrow is the when the new clothing catalog comes out. A new pin comes out and I will make sure to post secrets in the new catalog and where the pin is hidden.